Primary objectives

The primary objectives of Energyinnova are to:

  • Promote the projects that have already been assigned to us within wave, tidal, wind, PV, and Biomass technologies.
  • Calculate the carbon foot print and make any assessment needed to secure that each project is as sound to the environment as possible.
  • Build and plan the oncoming milestones together with clients and determine secure financing for further developments.
  • Generate new client contacts by networking with governments and key industry leaders through the EU and private investors.
  • Work together with government agencies on the question of development of renewable energy construction.
  • Develop and open new sectors to make it more accessible for the investment communities to enter the renewable energy markets through our “Eco Investment Platform”.
  • To acquire and reconstruct fallen SME Eco industries. To survey, Re administrate and reverse them back into the market with ECO project investment.
  •  To assist our client on there investment through our Eco and corporate law office, including client accounts, financial holdings, financial management and administration.