About us

Energyinnova together with Anderson Premier Corporate Law (APCL)

Is a company that provides high quality investment-, legal- and environmental project planning services to its clients. Energyinnova are seated in Marbella, Spain.

Our goals are to target green investment companies and government organizations within Europe, including renewable energy development funding through the EU.
Our goal is to help our clients to find green energy projects and assist them safely to identify the right areas within the green renewable energy sector then help them to pick the right investment strategy within the renewable energy market.

Our contacts within the energy and research & development industry have sound backgrounds and a wealth of both financial and technical engineering experience within the renewable energy sector.
Together we stand to be able to deliver and give both the legal assistance and environmental investment advice that our clients seek. To be able to assist with the planning and to administrate contracts. To set up goals for project investment, involvement and help plan their financial exits.

The nature of Energyinnova is both one of flexibility and transparency to our clients.
To successfully secure and complete projects with all there varying elements. To secure our clients investment interests. There are a number of ways to do this by using existing contacts and through joint ventures with other renewable environmental agencies. Energyinnova is in a strong position to be able to approach, deliver and corner reliable projects for our client’s best market investment.

The market for investment within environmental energy continues to be under serviced, making it difficult for many investors to enter this new expanding market. Mr. Lewiston and Mr. Anderson have both recognized that there is a high demand for these. Therefore, We are initially setting  the stage for an “Eco Investment Platform”. This gives both us and our clients a strong start using our legal, investment and renewable project strategies.