Proposal of Azahar & Vayomer

According the characteristic in plant and given that a goal was unreachable in economic and agricultural cropland amounts.

We propose the following:

  • As a result of the change in energy policy in U. K coal to the biomass, that shape the demand of the latter is from 28.5 million MT/year.
  • We are negotiating currently encountered by 30,000 MT of biomass with a electric company of U. K
  • We are asking for supplying a demand of up to 250,000 MT per year in the short term.
  • In consequence, Azahar Vayomer will have to have the need for planting 5,000 hectare to achieve their goals mentioned mentioned.
  • In this context, Azahar Vayomer requires an investment of 5,000,000 (euro’s)

We invite you participate in the business and to become the supplier of standardized biomass in Europe.

The volume of Investment 50.000.000 Euros
Annual Production of Biomass 250.000 MT
Energy produced per KG 3,68 KW/KG (APROX)
Plantation area in hectors 5.000 HAS
Production per hector 50 MT
Cost per metric ton Production / Biomass 90 Euros/ MT (APROX)
Annual turnover 25% to 30%
Repayment Period 24 Month