Photovoltaic Energy

From an investor’s point of view, The future of PV is looking very bright. The size and effects given from PV panels are increasingly advanced and give excellent yields of energy. Around the world today solar arrays are being developed with ever increasing effect. To date, here in Spain we have the largest solar tower in the world. A second and even larger solar tower is now under construction.

Today many countries are already seeing the advantages with PV due to there geographical location. At the same time many are finding problems within the way there projects are set up. Most of all, the amount of energy being produced does not keep to the expectations shown to the client at the planning stage.

We cannot say the sun will shine today, we cannot say that the sun will shine at all. We do understand problems such as sand, dust storms even the climate or the unforeseen events. We can only say that we do look into all the eventual events that may stand as a problem and deal with them as far ahead as we possibly can using the technology at hands.

Where we don’t think that PV is the total solution, but we do believe it has a large part to play in the global eco energy evolution.