Environmental Concept Planning

Planning for a new concept within renewable energy sector has the need for curtain resources to come together. Timing of this is crucial. Once a concept project is accepted, plans are then made for the proof of concept for viability.

A concept management team is then put together to map out an engineering path of the concept development process. This process is mostly done in the United Kingdom, and though other research and development centres that are available to us in Europe. Together with these facilities we work to make each milestone count, coming closer to a true concept model.
All information about the concept progress is reported to our clients and any legal issues are taken into account and dually protected by our legal Anderson Premier Corporate Law  (APCL) . All concept IP´s, Trademarks and copywriting fall into the first milestone of concept verification and validation.

Successfully together with our client and (APCL) are able to undertaking projects in such sensitive areas such as coastal and upland environments, both meeting the needs of the client and keeping the impact of any project to a minimum for the local environment and the end-user.

Our vision and comprehensive approach to planning and design is reflected in each design solution.