Advantages of wave power

Advantages for using tidal and wave energy over different, fossil fuels are soon not so plentiful, below there are several impressive benefits of using tidal and wave energy, including the factor of replacing a percentage of fossil fuel use.

The energy created is free – There is no fuel needed, As for the environment, there is no waste produced. Systems are not as expensive as Coal or Nuclear systems, they are easy to operate and maintain.

The potential is that they can produce a great deal of energy:

  • Tidal and wave energy reduces the dependence upon fossil fuels
  • Tidal and wave energy is free, renewable, and clean source of energy
  • They produce clean electricity, with no production of greenhouse gas or pollution.
  • Tidal and wave energy generation and consumption creates no liquid or solid pollution
  • Highly efficient resource (compared with coal and oil at 30%, tidal power efficiency is about 80%)
  • Energy capturing and conversion mechanism may help protect the shoreline
  • On a global scale we could harness about 60 billion watts of energy.
  • Tides are active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Tidal power is a renewable source of energy.
  • It produces energy for free, once the initial costs are recovered.
  • No destruction to the marine animals and to the environment. These devices can also serve as shelters for fish, seabirds and even seals.
  • As the areas used by such projects are quite large, there are advantages to wildlife and marine life.