Current problems within farming Biomass

Current problems of the biomass is the vast majority of the sources of biomass are based in and around the forestation (mainly wood), you may encounter the following issues:

  • Negative Impacts on the climate as a result of the felling of trees.
  • Quantity / Agriculture: deforestation makes it impossible to change the energy source.
  • Time of growth: as most of the biomass sources (trees, agricultural. Etc.. ) require longer times of growth, many hectares should be planted to ensure a sufficient supply for one full year.
  • Quality / Kcal per ton: depending on the type of wood, the energy produced (kcal) can go but shipped from a convenient location to economically unviable.
  • Standardization: is almost impossible create a standardized process that can generate an offer relatively constant in terms of quantity and quality.

Productivity per unit or planted per hectare: in most of the bullrings, measured productivity in tons per hectare is very low. As a result, many hectares may have misjudged values, the judgment call for such a planning would call for long term investments. This type of planting, or much forestation should be harvested to supply the demand. Which is not of the greater concern?