What is Biomass?

As a source of renewable energy, it is of biologic material from organisms live or recently living.

  • Such as the source of energy, that biomass can be use directly, or converted into other energy products.
  • In accordance with the first, the biomass refers to the use of a plant to generate electricity through synthesis and gas fires to heat then produce steam, usually by direct combustion.
  • Examples of biomass supply can be the forest wastes (such as dead trees, branches and stumps of trees etc..), waste of the pruning of lawn, chips and ceilings up to municipal solid waste.

Industrial biomass can be generated by several types of plants, including Miscanthus (Giganteus or “Elephant Grass”), Panicum virgatum (Switchgrass), hemp, maize, poplar, willow, sorghum, sugar cane, as well as a variety of tree species, ranging from a eucalyptus up to palm oil.