Like any water based energy creation, it all depends on the waves – In the right conditions you will generate high to sufficient amounts of energy, while in calm seas little to no energy is generated. The estimated weather for the west coast of the UK is about 330 days of production a year.

  • All sea based energy creating devices need a suitable site. Sites where the capture of waves energy is constant and strong. Studies would have to be made for every individual project.
  • Any investment companies embarking on wave energy converters must have the understanding that embarking on such project must be able to withstand very rough weather.
  • The risk for shipping. Devices hold a hazard  to all shipping and fisheries, they is also the concern that there is a high risk for pollution with a collision.
  • Marine and bird migration can be effected by large wave and tidal energy devices
  • Many of these problems can be solved, many can not. We are entering a new era of new energy, be it on land or off shore. There will always be environmental problems to solve.