Resolving the problems of Biomass

The biomass being an attractive sector on which to spend, we would like to firstly find a source of biomass that can resolve the problem referred to above the following features:

  • Productivity:  measured in metric tons per hectare.
  • Kcal per ton of biomass: should produce enough Kcal to be efficient.
  • Must not be in competition for agriculture where food stuffs are to use as food for human and animals alike.
  • Rapid growth:  the more crops during the year, least hectares should be planted.
  •  Quantity: The supply of biomass should have a variety established throughout the year.
  • Standardized process: the new offer of debit and credit could account with a standardized process but shipped from his plantation until the harvest
  • Economically efficient: The process must be economically efficient in all its stages.
  • Does not require the use of fungicides or pesticides or any other type of special care.
  • Resistant: the source of biomass should be resistant to bad weather.